Rose et Marius "A mid-summer’s night under the fig tree"

Rose et Marius "A mid-summer’s night under the fig tree"
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"The founder of Rose et Marius spent all her summers in her grandmother’s country mansion in Provence.

She cherishes memories of those nights when, stretched out under the fig tree, she would breathe in the distinctive fragrance of the leaves and fruity that the summer’s heat had turned to gold.

A ‘’Proust’s madeleine’’ of her own, which inspired the green and sunny notes of this unique perfume."



Top notes: Rose, lily of the valley, hyacinth, tangerine.

Heart: Fig, plum, peach, strawberry, tuberose.

Base notes: Cedar wood, precious wood, white musk.


"Haute Parfumerie" from Grasse



Find your favourite Eau de Parfum “Ambling beneath the oratory” infused into wax. A candle poured into a bisque porcelain vase from Limoges decorated with an iconic Rose et Marius cement tile motif.


Exclusive Rose et Marius perfume distilled in Grasse, the capital of high perfumery.



Around 60 hours of burning.

Made in France by our talented craftsmen!



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