L.T. Piver brilliantine "Pompeïa"

L.T. Piver brilliantine "Pompeïa"

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A nostalgic pomade from Paris. Since 1926

A rare, wonderfuly perfumed pomade the romantic romantic "Pompeia" scent from 1907 of rose, jasmine and patchouli. Perfect for glamorous hairstyles of the 1920 - 50s. Made in France by L.T. Piver, the oldest still-producing perfume house in France, founded 1774.

The "Pompeia Brilliantine Cristallisée" (in english "Pompei Crystal Brillantine") is an old school pomade, as one would find in the 1920s to the 1950s in the hair salons and perfumeries around the European countries like France, Germany and Italy. As Brillantine were named until the 1950s European oil-based hair styling products. There job was to make the hair shiny (brillant) and soft, and to bring them in shape.

There were liquid brilliantines (in Germany also named "hair oil", such as the "Flower Hair Oil / Blumen Haaroel" still being produced today by L.A. Schmitt Germany or Brillantina Linetti from Italy) and there were solid brilliantines, then called crystal brilliantines. A crystal brillantine (in French "Brillantine Cristallisée") as the Pompeia brilliantine was a medium weight, highly perfumed hair pomade. 

And so the "Pompeia Brilliantine Cristallisée" is a medium strong, yellow colored and beautifully scented pomade from microcrystalline wax, mineral oil and lanolin. It offers a medium firm hold, an elegant sheen and is perfect for the European look of the 1920s - 50s, whose mark was an aromatically fragrant hair.

Verkrijgbaar in: Z. Bigatti (Beringen, Limburg)

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