L.T. Piver parfum lotion "Héliotrope Blanc"

L.T. Piver parfum lotion "Héliotrope Blanc"

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Fragile and voluptuous bouquets of jasmine and ylang ylang combine in a delicate blend which is perfectly complemented by warm notes of almond and vanilla. Derived from natural essences, and painstakingly extracted from several hundred kilos of hand-picked petals, this floral cortege heralds in the seductive scent of the heliotrope, the white flower whose infinitely sensual overtones envelope the body in an irresistible veil all day long. Intoxication guaranteed, an intense blend heightened still further by the balmy warmth of a summer’s evening, an invitation on an unending voyage to far-off exotic shores. Reputed to bring good luck, this precious flower, like the day which draws to a close each evening, has certainly worked its charm for generations now.

Verkrijgbaar in: Z. Bigatti (Beringen, Limburg)

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